About My Time To Color

Jeff "JD" Douglas and Laurie ClemensAt My Time To Color we’re all about creating something for you that you will enjoy.

But since this is the About Us page we’ll take a quick moment to talk about us 🙂

Here’s a little about the people working to bring you great adult coloring books.

Jeff “JD” Douglas: Jeff really enjoys creating the images for our adult coloring books. His artistic and creative talent shines through as he imagines and creates the designs. He is outgoing and loves to meet new people. Jeff says he is excited by all the compliments he has received about his coloring designs. He really enjoys helping people so he is grateful that he is able to create something that brings people enjoyment and can also be helpful to them.

Laurie Clemens: Laurie takes care of putting together the books. She also does the design work for the website and online store. While she seems quiet compared to Jeff she really is outgoing and enjoys being active. She’s excited to be part of a project that can bring enjoyment to people.

There is a lot happening at My Time To Color. There are several books nearing release and we’re working on some other exciting products for you. So please stay tuned to the website and social media to find out the latest news.

If you have an idea or suggestion we’d love to hear from you!